Fitness Training and YogaShare

Fitness Appointments are designed to help you achieve desired results in health and wellness, and include the following services:

  •  Individualized program design
    •  Information and suspport for nutritional, healthy eating habits
      •  Finess Routines for use at the Gym, at Home or for Travel

Yoga is a Sanskrit phrase meaning 'union'. The successful balancing of one's body energies can aid the healing process and promote general wellness. My sessions offer dynamic, exciting instruction that feature core stabilization, strength and aerobic training.

I call sessions YogaShare as a recognition of the knowledge gained and shared by all participants in each session.  My sessions are offered in a variety of styles and settings.  Individual sessions and class instruction are available by appointment and are available at your home/hotel or in my studio. 

Individual sessions

Sessions can be made by appointment in a private studio or at your home/hotel - Sessions combine the elements of classic yoga poses with complementary partner work in balancing and in breath.

Sessions are paid in cash or by credit card (MC/Visa).  Discounts available for multiple, pre-paid sessions.

YogahhSSage Sessions Now Available! 

Enjoy a spirited hour of yogashare, and then relax with a healing hour of conscious, focused bodywork. A two-hour treat!  Contact me for special rates and frequency discounts:  415.505.8980

Group sessions

I am available for teaching groups in office or retreat settings, as well as at gyms or workout spaces.  Sessions are offered to all at a gym, my studio, or at your home.


Additional programs and events are scheduled during the year - contact this page for updates and new events!




Call 415/505-8980 to make an appointment or for more information