Sometimes our healing requires a deeper, more focused approach. Countless  medical studies today describe the important link between mental health and physical  wellness.  Sexual health and wellness is an important part of this balance.  While sexual health is a combination of key factors involving biology and psychology, a satisfying sex life is an important complement to living  well.  Wellness physician Dr. Christiane Northrup is quoted as saying, "Pleasure is a life-changer."

  Yet we live in an age of confusing and distracting images, ambiguous models and few educaitional examples of sexual pleasure and performance. Such discordance or ignorance can affect our own set of expectations, behaviors, and realities.  Sexual education has not often been adequately available, and relevant training  to address health and sexuality is often concealed or non-apparent.  There are resources available to deepen one's knowledge and practice of sexual health and wellness.

  One such modality is Sexological  Bodywork, a hands-on, somatic instructional approach

    employing instructional modalities such as:


                        * ecstatic bodywork

                           *coached breathwork

                             * guided visualizations

  In educational sessions, a student learns to harness one's energetic powers and abilities in a safe, consensual and goal-oriented setting.  Ecstatic somatic embodiment education allows a student to experience heightened states of awareness and discernments, which can promote a self-realized journey into one's Intimate Being. This body education can enable practitioners to identify and to remove blocks in their own practices, free from pain, fear, judgement or inhibition.

  Sexological Bodywork employs kinesthetic tools to aid in neural plasticity, i.e, the molding of the brain’s circuitry by new experiences, Ecstatic somatic embodiment can offer enhanced potentialities for enlightened states of awareness, in the promotion of self-care and wellness.

  As a California-Certified Sexologist,  I offer a conscious, sensitive and comprehensive approach in addressing many situations including the following:


  *  Movements for Recovery from Pain, Trauma

   • , Trainings in Sexual Self-Pleasure Enhancement, i.e., Masturbation Coaching
     •   Health, Sexual Performance Issues, i.e.,addressing Premature  Ejaculation, Fear of 

          Anal Penetration, Post-Prostatectomy Sensations and Potency
       •   Exercises to Relieve Chronic Pelvic Pain and Resultant Barriers to Sexual Pleasure

   The Student is asked to complete a questionnaire and a brief intake interview, which includes an assessment of needs and desired outcomes. As this educational system requires a dedicated, focused approach, it is recommended that a student commit to six to ten (6-10) guided instructional sessions the Instructor.  Some components of the educational sessions may include unitary, student--centered massage and bodywork, combined with instructional breathwork exercises, and coaching visualizations and goal-making realized by the Student with support of the Instructor.

  The Sexological Bodywork instructional sessions are designed to engage a student's many healing and self-improvement modalities pursuant to a continuum of self-care.

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